Where Else Can You Reach 97% of Your Customers?

by | Aug 20, 2019 | Products & Services

Did you know that an estimated 97% of text messages are read immediately? There is no other form of advertising out there today with that kind of reach!

Text Marketing is a simple, affordable way to keep in touch with your customers while building your business at the same time. With Text Alertz, SMS messages, coupons, and text marketing messages can be scheduled and delivered directly to your intended audience at the exact moment you desire. Combine those tools with mobile websites and web based kiosks to further enhance marketing efforts and expand your offerings. Since consumers use their mobile devices on a regular basis for personal use, mobile marketing allows businesses to take advantage of this intimate relationship and create personalized communications that drive transactions. Mobile Marketing has been proven to outperform traditional marketing in multiple areas. Don’t wait, get started today to see just how easy mobile marketing can be! Learn more about TextAlertz today!



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